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Focaccia genovese

Focaccia genovese

Symbol of the gastronomic tradition of this city, the Focaccia in Genoa is a culinary institution, a cult and a myth that has very ancient origins. A unique and inimitable delicacy. Focaccia for the Genoese is a reason for identity and embodies unconditional love. The Genoese focaccia has an ancient and fascinating history, probably dating back to the period of the Republic of Genoa, when bread was the main food of the population. The Genoese focaccia was prepared with flour, water and olive oil, and was baked in large wood-burning ovens. Today the recipe has remained practically the same, although some variations have been introduced that provide for the use of other ingredients such as olives, onions, sage, rosemary and cheese.

If you know the English breakfast, the Continental breakfast and the Italian breakfast then dive into the local breakfast with coffee or cappuccino and an excellent focaccia slerfa (piece of focaccia).

The Genoese focaccia is great for breakfast and start a day, extraordinary for an informal lunch or a quick and wonderful snack for an aperitif maybe enjoying local wines. Let yourself be seduced by its scent and taste, taste it fresh or freshly baked, do not give yourself this absolute pleasure.


Form a fountain on the pastry board with some of the flour. Dissolve the yeast with a little warm water and add it to the flour, starting to work like bread. Let the dough rest under a warm cloth in a warm place for 2 hours. After the necessary time, take the leavened dough and add the remaining flour and oil and knead until you get a soft dough. Let rise again as before for another 2 hours.
After rising, roll out the dough in a pan with your hands and leave the fingerprints that will collect the oil poured.
Sprinkle with coarse salt and let it rest again, before baking in a hot oven at 200 - 230 ºC for about 30 minutes, until golden brown.


  • 500 g soft wheat flour
  • 1 dl extra virgin olive oil
  • 30 g of salt
  • 30 g brewer’s yeast, water