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Panoramic terraces and ancient fishermen villages, small beaches and cliffs, beach resorts and glimpse caught between the walls of a building and a church, the Porto Antico and the promenade designed at the beginning of the 20th century. Genoa and the sea have a strong but peculiar bond.  The sea is always present in the history of the city and in the background, but if you want to touch the water in the city centre you will have to uncover small passages and almost secret beaches, like Santa Chiara.

In a couple of minutes away from the city centre, one precious treasure follows the other and you can find many corners of peace and beauty. Silent oasis where time seems to have stopped can be rapidly reached in a comfortable way thanks to the public transport, by train, by ferry, or, if you prefer, by bike.

Vernazzola and Boccadasse, set among small pastel colored houses close to the beach, Nervi, framed in the fascinating promenade that winds along the cliff, Quinto, Quarto, Pegli and Voltri. They are magical places, they smell like dried salt and invite you to relax during every time of the year.

During the warm season you will be able to dive into the sea or sunbathe, but also benefit from free equipped beaches or beach resorts.

The climate is mild, both in the summer and in the winter, and will allow you to stroll or have a drink on the seashore or have a dinner with a view in one of the many famous restaurants of the area and have the time to taste the local cuisine specialties.

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