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Il Porto Antico gremito di atleti per la Color Run

Genoa, in its narrow space between the sea and the mountains, offers many possibilities for sports lovers thanks to good facilities but also to the shape of the territory which allows you to practice different disciplines. The sea offers the opportunity to swim and explore the seabed by practicing snorkeling in the summer, while throughout the year you can go out in a canoe, paddle in a kayak, take advantage of the wind to fill the sails of the boats and run along the coast.

For those who do not practice water sports but still want to enjoy the view of the sea, the coastal roads from west to east, in particular between Sturla and Nervi to the east and between Pra' and Pegli to the west, allow you to run or pedal a bicycle with a unique panorama.

Going into the various neighborhoods of the city, it is possible to find many facilities both for those who regularly practice a sporting activity and for those who simply want to keep fit: swimming pools, gyms, football and rugby fields, baseball and athletics, rock climbing schools, fields from tennis. The choice is wide. The swimming pools and gyms are well distributed throughout the area, as are the football fields, especially those for 5-a-side football which are more widespread thanks to their smaller size.

Even though it is not in a flat area, there are many routes that can be tackled by bicycle, some of which are marked as specific tracks. The adventure parks and the rock school in the Sciorba area are the right places to test yourself with climbing and balance tests, the important thing is not to suffer from vertigo!

Going up the hills, where the panorama becomes more and more suggestive, there are many routes and paths where it is possible to run, go on excursions between the forts and the woods or ride a mountain bike.

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