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Between sky and sea

Mare, scogliere e pini marittimi a un soffio dalla città ©Stefano Goldberg

Panoramic terraces and ancient seaside villages, beaches and rocks, bathing establishments and stolen glimpses between a palace and a church, the Old Port and the promenades of the early twentieth century. Genoa and the sea have a close but particular relationship. The sea is omnipresent in the history of the city and in the background, but to come into contact with the water in the city center it is necessary to discover small passages, almost secret beaches, such as Capo Santa Chiara.

Just a few minutes from the centre, Genoa is a succession of precious treasures, corners of peace and beauty. Silent oases where time seems to have stopped, to be reached quickly and comfortably by public transport, train, boat or, for those who prefer, even by bicycle.

Vernazzola and Boccadasse, nestled among the pastel-colored houses and boats close to the small beach, Nervi, framed by the enchanting promenade that winds along the cliff, Quinto, Quarto, Pegli and Voltri. Magical places, which smell of salt and invite you to moments of relaxation, at any time of the year.

The always mild temperatures, both in summer and in winter, allow for a walk, an aperitif by the sea or a dinner with a view in one of the numerous and renowned venues in the area and in order to savor the specialties of the local cuisine.

During the summer you can enjoy a dip or a sunbath taking advantage of the free, equipped beaches and bathing establishments.

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