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Spianata Castelletto, Panorama

To find out about the places and itineraries not to be missed and organize your visit to Genoa, download our brochures and make the most of your stay!

Genova city map


4 Walking Tours to Discover the Historic Centre


Metrominuto: Pedestrian Tour from Boccadasse to Lanterna di Genova


Metrominuto: Pedestrian Tour Historic Centre


Pedestribus: Outdoor near the City Centre


Guide: Genoa accessible for everyone


Not to be missed in Genoa

The beauty of a city in 15 places


Pocket guide to Genoa

Quick guide to discover the city.

Four 100% Genoese settings, if you only have a couple of hours to spare:

  • Via Garibaldi, the power and wealth of the “Siglo des los Genoveses” (the Century of the Genoese);
  • Via del Campo, the singersongwriters and the unique atmosphere of the alleyways in the historical centre;
  • “Castelletto”, a window over the old town;
  • “Passeggiata al Porto Antico”, waterfront promenade.


Genoa and its treasures

The strade nuove and the Palazzi dei rolli unesco World Heritage.


The forty-two Rolli Palaces, added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006, are in fact part of a much richer heritage, made up of at least 120 recognised palaces in the city that, between the end of the sixteenth and the middle of the seventeenth centuries, boasted an extraordinary economic and political power in Europe. The “rollo” was subdivided into three “bussoli” or levels, assigned to the palaces according to their magnificence and beauty.
The residence was awarded by way of lots, according to the rank of the guest; first level: cardinals, princes and viceroy; second level: feudatories and governors; third level: subordinate princes and ambassadors.


Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

Sculptural art in Genoa between 1850 and 1950.


E. Hemingway

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno has often been called an open air museum due to the concentration of works by great artists and architects who worked to build the eternal resting places of the Genoese and foreigner alike.


Genoa’s Forts and Walls an Urban Park

A walk through nature and history.

Genoa’s charm, “superb for its men and for its walls” as Petrarch defined it 700 years ago, resides in a dramatically contrasting landscape and in the city’s many

faces: Genoa of sea and rocks, Genoa of old lanes and historical buildings, Genoa of hills and woods, Genoa of forts and city walls... Genoa the theatre: for at least 26 centuries the bay in the Old Port has acted as a natural stage, with hills rising up to close it in a sweet embrace forming the perfect set design. Up in the hills you are immediately immersed in a natural environment that is deeply Mediterranean but has sweet alpine scents: it is a landscape of trees, city walls, beautiful views, where the only sounds are those of the wind blowing over the grassy fields and birds flitting among the pine trees.


Nervi - Sea Art Nature

Palaces and villas, home to some of the city’s most prominent museums, embellish a natural landscape of undisputed beauty; and it is this close relationship between art and nature that led to the creation of the Nervi Museum hub.