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Great Genoa. Just as stated in the administrative reform of 1926 which annexed another 19 municipalities to the metropolitan city which had remained autonomous until then. Neighborhoods that perceived themselves, and sometimes still perceive themselves, as autonomous inhabited centers. So much so that the inhabitants, to say that they go to the city centre, still today say "I'm going to Genoa..."

”Great Genoa, if not in size, undoubtedly in the variety of a territory that extends for 35 kilometers from east to west, from the cliffs of Nervi to the beaches of Voltri. And which climbs into deep and steep valleys, which enter the interior like earthen fjords. From Sampierdarena to Righi, from Foce to Castelletto, from Valbisagno to Quinto, from Boccadasse to the historic centre. And then Albaro and Castelletto, Pegli and Prà…

Great Genoa, one and multiple, many cities in one city.

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