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Tickets and cards


The Genova Museum Card is a single ticket, valid for 24 hours, which allows you to access only once the 28 city museums, 19 civic museums and 9 non-civic museums, for the price of 15 euro inclusive of AMT public transport

It is advisable to check this website for any temporary closures.

The card can be purchased:

- at the ticket office of the museums except for the following sites: Royal Palace Museum, National Galleries of Palazzo Spinola, Galata Maritime Museum, Capuchin Cultural Heritage Museum, Jewish Museum, Chemistry Museum, ViaDelCampo29Rosso and the Theatre Museum and Library;

- on line according to the following described methods.

The visitors wishing to purchase on line, will be able to access the museums by showing at the entrance the ticket received by email address indicated during the purchase phase, within 24 hours from the date and time of the activation chosen.

Further detailed information can be provided to the visitor by the Ticket Office Staff of each museum prior the visit.

The use of the AMT urban public transport network (buses, metro, lifts, funiculars) is allowed starting from the day and time of the beginning of the validity of the ticket and for the following 24 hours. The Navebus ferry, the Volabus, the extra-urban service as well as the Trenitalia railway integration are excluded.

The online booking requires the payment of a presale price of 1 euro.

To purchase the ticket click here.

To see a list of included museums, click here


For information on purchasing single tickets, please visit the internal section of each museum (Go to All Museums)

GENOVA City PASS is the new tourist card that allows visitors to discover the main beauties of Genoa at a special price.
The Pass can be purchased online in several versions 24h, 48h and 72h: 
Cogli l'attimo! (Genoa in 24h)
Genova weekend (Genoa in 48h)
Be Active (Genoa in 48h and in 72h)
Culture & Heritage (Genoa in 48h and in 72h)
Edutainment (Genoa in 48h and in 72h).

The cards include free travel on AMT public transport and tours and activities.

The City Pass is created automatically on the first purchase of a card and it can be recharged more times and freely, without limits, to give visitor the maximum savings and the pleasure of visiting Genoa.
For more information: