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The new way to discover and make yourself known in Genoa

Create or follow virtual itineraries, listen to the avatar who talks about the beauties of the city, visit the 3D market, buy products in local shops.
All activities earn you Genovini points, whose name dates back to the times of the Maritime Republic.
The more genovini you collect, the higher the prizes will be.


And as soon as you arrive in Genoa, remember to download the Play Phygital APP

Download the Play Phygital app, available for iOS and Android.


 iOS Android



1. Virtual Tours

Visit Genoa comfortably from home thanks to our collection of virtual tours, or create your own personalized itinerary.
Start moving through the streets and squares to discover the city.
Thanks to the icons you will find along the way you will be able to discover palaces, churches, museums and shops.
You will be accompanied by a special guide, an avatar ready to tell you what you see.


2. Discover the 3D market and where to shop in Genoa

Navigate inside a typical covered market in a three-dimensional version, with stalls full of products linked to tradition.
Discover recipes and shops where you can buy your favorite products.

guida turistica

3. Download the APP for free

When you are in Genoa, use the Play Phygital APP to guide you through the alleys and streets of the city.
In your personal area you will find, in addition to our collections, also the tours you have created and stored.
Activate notifications to let you report augmented reality elements near you and listen to the avatar's explanations.
Continue to collect genóvini also with the APP!


iOS Android