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Val Polcevera

Val Polcevera

Already mentioned in a bronze table of 117 B.C., the Polcevera Valley extends along the homonymous torrent and has always been the main route of connection between the Genoese hinterland and the Po Valley. Today the Polcevera Valley is divided into several densely populated areas rich in industrial and commercial activities.

The Polcevera Valley also has particular importance from a geological point of view: it is in fact included in this territory the border point between the Alps and the Apennines.

Going up the hill from Belvedere you will find Forte Crocetta, Forte Tenaglia, Forte Begato and Forte Sperone, all connected by the seventeenth-century walls that follow the crest of the mountain.

Among the hills that frame the valley, Murta has maintained the typical Genoese appearance with small houses and gardens. Every year this location hosts a famous and interesting pumpkin festival.

In this part of the city, on Monte Figogna, stands one of the most beloved places of worship by the Genoese and the main Marian sanctuary of Ligury: Nostra Signora della Guardia, a destination for pilgrimages and votive offerings.

Under the hill of Coronata, once full of vineyards from which the Polcevera Valley Coronata DOC wine, there is the abbey of the Boschetto, a complex built in the fifteenth century, once surrounded by dense vegetation. In the era of greatest splendor, for the celebrations of the Holy Week, some canvases depicting episodes of the passion of Jesus were exhibited, painted on the sturdy blue canvas used by the unloaders of the port and called "blue of Genoa", the ancestor of jeans. Fourteen magnificent paintings, painted between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, which constitute a unique heritage visible at the Diocesan Museum of Genoa.

Near the Boschetto the seventeenth-century villa Cattaneo Delle Piane, called dell'Olmo, is today the headquarters of the prestigious Ansaldo Foundation, which preserves a large multimedia archive with photographs, videos and vintage documents on the world of work, coming from historic Genoese companies.

Crossing the Morego hill, where the Italian Institute of Technology is based, you will reach Serra Riccò, just outside the town of Genoa, where you can visit Villa Serra Comago, a charming park with English lawns, ponds, animals, spaces for shows and a characteristic nineteenth-century Tudor style cottage.

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