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Cornigliano - Sestri Ponente

Cornigliano - Sestri Ponente

Sestri Ponente is an area of the Ligurian County Seat.

the main street that crosses it is via Sestri, a pedestrian path where you can taste one of the typical dishes of the area, the pumpkin farinata,  while strolling for a bit of shopping.

In this lively area there are also theatres and cinemas, a produce market – whose liberty iron and cast iron structure has been bought from Venice in 1908 – and the ancient Manifattura Tabacchi: it dates back to the 18th century, it has been restored and now hosts the auditorium of the great public library with more than 3400 volumes and many commercial businesses, such as the Manifattura Etica.


Even in Sestri Ponente you can find ancient family residences, like the 16th century Villa Maria De Mari, Villa Parodi, which now hosts the headquarters of the Civil Protection, or Villa Rossi Martini, with its large park. Among the places of worship, on the surrounding hills, it rises the Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata della Costa and the Nostra Signora della Misericordia Sanctuary, over the top of the Monte Gazzo.

Here, in a few minutes distance from the centre of the city, you can reach the Cristoforo Colombo Airport and the nice Marina, with the small port and many clubs and pubs to have a happy hour or an ice cream.

Next to Sestri there is Cornigliano, that was once a beloved location for the Genoese noble families for their summer residence. It was one of the stop-overs of the Grand Tour and a holiday destination for illustrious personalities, like Ugo Foscolo, Mazzini and the Maria Archiduchess of Austria. At the end of the 19th century Cornigliano  had to endure a significant trasformation caused by the industrialization and was a centre of productive force in Genoa until the Fifties. Nowadays many industrial plants have been dismantled and there is an ongoing urban regeneration. Among the remaining villas there still is Villa Domenico Serra, Villa Spinola Canepa, Villa Gentile Bickley, the complex of Villa Spinola-Dufour, and above all Villa Durazzo Bombrini, which was the Savoia’s residence for a period of time, and currently hosts many cultural events, like exhibits, fairs and shows.


This district includes the area of Campi, on the shore of the Polcevera torrent. Once it was an agricultural area, but now here you can find a concentration of malls of multinational chains.

Going up the Erzelli hill, you can find the Science and Technology Park, an important research centre in expansion, which hosts the IIT, many ITC companies and will soon host the Engineering Faculty.

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