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Boccadasse - Corso Italia

Boccadasse - Corso Italia

Boccadasse is one of the most famous ancient fishermen villages that still can be visited in Genoa and is located between Corso Italia and Capo Santa Chiara. Here you can find colourful houses, rounded cobblestones, fishing boats and fishermen nets on the small beach, stone staircases and unforgettable ice creams, but also restaurants where you can taste typical dishes and have a drink looking at the sea: Boccadasse is one of the most beloved places by Genoese people and by visitors for its timeless charm.

Corso Italia is the promenade of the city, full of clubs and beach resorts and it is considered the Genoese rendezvous point for Sunday strolls. It was realized in the early years of the 20th century, it extends for 2.5 kilometers along the coast and links the area of the Foce to Boccadasse. Through the stroll you will find interesting buildings: the Chiesa di San Pietro, San Giuliano’s Fort, the Abbey of San Giuliano, the Nuovo Lido beach resort and the Chiesa di Sant'Antonio in Boccadasse. On the upstream side, there are elegant flat complexes and small art déco palaces which overlook the sea, such as villa Canali-Gaslini, realized by the architect Gino Coppedè, and rationalist buildings realized by Luigi Carlo Daneri.

The Abbey of San Giuliano, founded in 1240 by the Franciscan monks and recently restored, is the last survivor of the small churches "in ripa maris". The Romanesque Gothic complex is composed by  the convent, the church and a small cloister. Nearby you can find proof of defensive and military settlements: the San Giuliano’s Fort, which was built between 1826 and 1836, and the remains of the battery of Vagno, one of the 19th century gunnery stations used to defend the Port of Genoa, located over the cliff of Punta Vagno. Over this cliff in 1931 a small but still active lighthouse was installed.

Corso Italia is the area of the city beaches and of historic sport centres: in the Fifties the large Nuovo Lido beach resort was renowned to be the catwalk for the selection of Miss Italia and saw appointed a young and promising Miss Lido: Sophia Loren.


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