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Through every itinerary of the city of Genoa the sea always emerges to complete panoramic views, either as background or as frame.

One of the most beautiful strolls in the city is the one in the Porto Antico: going around the Magazzini del Cotone up to the opposite side, flanking the Acquario and the Biosfera by Renzo Piano up to the lighters island.

In the summer the Genoese promenade par excellence is Corso Italia, residential area that overlooks the sea and is full of restaurants and beach resorts. At the end of this route you will find the fascinating village of Boccadasse. The area of Corso Italia is also one of the favourite locations for fitness lovers, people come here to jog or skate but you can also find swimming pools, gyms and tennis and squash fields. Another area loved by athletes and not only by its inhabitants is the new fascia di rispetto a Pra’, located in the west side of the city, overlooking the sea.

If you want to loose yourself in the blue sea, the most panoramic walks of all is the one that flanks the ring road on the hills and ends in Spianata Castelletto, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the Historic Centre and the port. Even in Carignano it is possible to stroll on a breathtaking view in Corso Aurelio Saffi, climbing up to take a glimpse of the sea from the terraces of Villa Croce.

Always to the west, you can find the small port of the Marina di Sestri, a fascinating place to stroll, have a drink and enjoy the view on the setting sun. There is also the elegant promenade on the seafront of Pegli, that you can reach by ferry from the Porto Antico, where on every last Sunday of the month you can find an antique fair.

A short but fascinating walk to admire the modern side of the port is the one that runs on suspended wooden boards from the Terminal Traghetti car park of Genoa and reaches the Lanterna.

Another short and romantic itinerary of great charm is the one that goes from the beach of Vernazzola, ancient fishermen village less famous than Boccadasse, and arrives in Sturla. Take this walk at sunset to enjoy it at its best and then dine in one of the restaurants in neighbourhoods.

To the east there are many itinerary in Sturla and Nervi and between Quarto and Quinto, the parts of the Aurelia Road that run along the sea where  you can walk or jog, allow you to enjoy the view on the sea and give you the chance to stop on interesting beaches in the area of the scoglio dei Mille.  

The most famous and romantic walk still is the Anita Garibaldi promenade, on the cliff of Nervi, with its two kilometers of light blue balustrade. Here you can live a timeless atmosphere, among the Mediterranean maquis, beach resorts and fishermen boats.

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