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Stoccafisso accomodato

Stoccafisso accomodato

The stoccafisso accomodato (accommodated stockfish) is a dish that combines tradition, history and taste allowing us to enjoy a piece of Genoa even after centuries. Already in the Middle Ages the port of Genoa was one of the most important in the world. During the winter months, the fresh fish was difficult to find, so the Genoese sailors discovered that the stockfish, or dried and salted cod, could be stored for a long time and used even during the colder months.

From here comes the tradition of preparing Genovese stockfish, a recipe that has gone through the centuries and that still gives us a tasty and genuine dish.


Blanch the stockfish in boiling water and clean it eliminating the thorns and skin. Clean the potatoes and cut into small pieces; put the garlic and chopped parsley, capers and a tablespoon of pine nuts in a pan of terracotta, choose some salted boned anchovy.
Once browned add the olives, ripe tomatoes and stockfish clean. When it starts to boil add the potatoes and if necessary some vegetable broth, some pepper and when the potatoes are ready, turn off and serve hot.

La ricetta è tratta da 


  • 800 grams of stockfish already wet
  • half a kilo of potatoes
  • one tablespoon of capers
  • 200 grams of taggiasche olives in brine
  • some ripe tomatoes
  • chopped parsley
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • salt and pepper

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