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Palazzo Giacomo e Pantaleo Balbi

G.De Ferrari - Amori degli Dei - Foto L.Guida UniGe

The building was built in 1618 for the brothers Giacomo and Pantaleo Balbi; the original project by Bartolomeo Bianco in fact provides a structure with two identical noble floors superimposed and a large courtyard; later the Corradi adds two side wings stretched out towards the sea, creates the beautiful hanging garden with nymphaeum decorated with shells, corals and river pebbles and animated by large stucco statues, and transforms the loggia on the second floor into a gallery.

Valerio Castello creates in this gallery a splendid fresco with the stories of the Rape of Proserpina, and decorates other rooms of the floor, which still retains one of the most important cycles of baroque frescoes of Genoa, thanks to the presence of other fundamental artists of 17th century Genoese painting, such as Domenico Piola and Gregorio De Ferrari

The Palace remains the property of the Balbi to this day, guarding the magnificent family picture gallery. The University of Genoa acquired it in 1972.

The Palaces of the University of Genoa are open during the teaching and research activities; the spaces that host the classrooms are open only when the lessons are not in progress.

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