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The Sacro Catino

The Sacro Catino

The so-called "Sacro Catino" is a hexagonal vessel made of green glass; according to the chronicles, it was brought to Genoa by Guglielmo Embriaco in 1101, upon his return from the first Crusade and the conquest of Caesarea.

Legend has it that the plate was used by Jesus to eat the Easter lamb served at the Last Supper and that it is made of emerald. Also known as the "Genoese Holy Grail", it has always been an object of great veneration and is one of the most important, valuable relics preserved in the city.

At the start of the 19th century, Napoleon requested that it be brought to Paris, where it was studied and proven to be made of blown glass and not of emerald; more recent studies have further excluded the possibility of it dating back to the days of Jesus, affirming that it is of more recent manufacture.

The signs of breakage and the missing piece are the result of damage sustained by the vessel on its return to Italy from Paris.

The Sacro Catino, which boasts all the allure of a prized object rich in history, is currently held in the Museo del Tesoro of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.