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"La Passeggiata dei Forti": between sea and mountains

"La Passeggiata dei Forti": between sea and mountains

Genoa… city of sea and mountains, it takes very little to find yourself far from the noise and hectic life of the city, where you can enjoy the pleasure of immersing yourself completely in nature: a landscape of trees, alpine scents and a breathtaking panorama.

This is the Parco delle Mura, an area that owes its name to the “New” Walls, built in the seventeenth century to defend the city and its port basin. With its 12 km, it is the longest city wall in Europe; but in addition to the walls, the park includes a number of military forts built between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, which nestle Genoa in a high embrace almost invisible to those living and moving in the streets of the city centre below.

It is the ideal place for a long walk or excursion: its rocky climbs and paths are surrounded by greenery and woods, both conifer and oak; without ever losing sight of the sea, whose constant presence adds to the spectacular views.

A radically different vision from that of the nearby “Superba”, the hills on which the forts are built abound with flowers, trees and rocks, shaped by the wind of the winter tramontana; while in the summer the landscape offers a feast which is not only for the eyes: the gorse in bloom, with their bright yellow colours and heady scent, blends with the melodious chirping of birds to welcome and reward its visiotrs.

The classic route starts from the upper terminus of the Zecca-Righi funicular railway and proceeds towards the Forts of Castellaccio and Sperone: from here the view opens onto the whole city and nature is sovereign. The excursion can continue towards the nineteenth-century Forte Begato overlooking the Val Polcevera, or to the north to the small Forte Puin and the magnificent Forte Diamante, located at 660 metres. the highest and most isolated of the Park. Other paths branch off from the main one, offering views of the two Genoese valleys, the Val Polcevera and Val Bisagno, and, beyond the mountain ridges, the distant Piedmontese Alps can be clearly seen.

The essential contact with the environment is restored, the pleasure of listening to the sounds of the woods and the wind, small more or less known corners of this landscape are discovered, and the pleasure of moving slowly, on foot, to observe details that normally escape perception.

Also not to be missed is the connection with the Genova-Casella railway, this connects the Parco delle Mura with the city centre (getting off at “Campi” stop) as part of a fascinating and panoramic route surrounded by greenery. The railway represents, together with the previously mentioned funicular, the most convenient and picturesque means of transport for your trip!

The “ La Passeggiata dei Forti " (Walk of the Forts) offers us this and much more ...