Teatro Carlo Felice

Teatro Carlo Felice is Genoa's opera house. Designed and built in 1827 by the architect Carlo Barabino, it was completely rebuilt following the heavy damage it suffered during the WWII bombings.

Built on the site of the old Carlo Felice, the new theatre, designed by Aldo Rossi, takes on board the concept of a covered square, with a surface area of 400 square metres in which the theatre provides a perfect link between Galleria Mazzini and Piazza De Ferrari.

Traces of the original theatre are evident in the original columns, pronai, a Latin inscription and the terrace overlooking Via XXV Aprile, which can be reached from one of the foyers; the modern-day building has a very compact, geometric shape, over which looks the fly tower, soaring up to a height of about 63 metres in order to house all the stage machinery and set designs. The  exterior is built in stone, plaster and iron, while the interiors are adorned with marble and wood. The main theatre, seating 2000, hosts an 88-piece orchestra, and a staircase leads down from the covered square to a second theatre that seats about 200 and hosts conventions, conferences and musical events.

Over the years, the stage of the Teatro Carlo Felice has been graced by the most important conductors and orchestras from all over the world, as well as prestigious dance companies and the stars of international contemporary jazz and easy listening music.

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