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Among the superb caruggi, the ancient and noble palaces of the Rolli, the cathedral and its squares, Genoa offers authentic flavors such as the delicious focaccia or its timeless pesto but if you want to dare more then dive into the creamy Pànera, a dessert with a unique and unmistakable taste, a sublime pleasure that the gods regret never having tasted. 

Do not confuse it with a simple ice cream and do not define a semifreddo because the Pànera is inimitable. When you enter an artisan ice cream shop simply ask for the Pànera, and enjoy it as the Genoese do, in a waffle or in a cup, by the sea or in front of its wonders letting you be carried away by the magic that will give you. And then between the dream and reality you can say you have seen Genoa with the desire to return soon and relish this delicacy.

Three simple ingredients, such as coffee, cream and sugar give a delicate, fluffy and soft cream in a superb game of balance.

Its origin is lost between myth and legend, probably born by mistake of a boy who poured  coffee on whipped cream, who says for an accident, who says for a wrong ingredient. His name is not known, as in the best traditions shrouded in mystery, but certainly his invention continues to seduce the most refined palates. The first reports, accredited, date back to the mid-nineteenth century when the recipe was first published.  

La Pànera is now included in the National List of traditional agri-food products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.