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Palazzo Tursi

Palazzo Tursi, facciata (photo F. Bussalino)

The palace was built in 1565 for Niccolò Grimaldi, called "the Monarch" for his extraordinary wealth: in fact the palace occupies the largest area of all Strada Nuova.

Niccolò Grimaldi was forced to sell it to Gio.Andrea Doria before it was decorated. The Doria family kept it until the nineteenth century, when the Savoys bought it; since 1850 it has been the seat of the Municipality of Genoa.

With its beautiful Renaissance façade, decorated with dozens of grotesque masks and elegant architectural elements, it dominates Via Garibaldi; the courtyard and the loggias, with a complicated game of staircases and different levels, are a fascinating space.

Since 2004 the main floor of the Palazzo is part of the Strada Nuova Museum System, which brings together the three Palazzi dei Rolli owned by the Municipality of Genoa. Palazzo Tursi exhibits the last section of the collection of Palazzo Bianco, with paintings of the eighteenth century, including the famous "Detention in a garden of Albaro" by Alessandro Magnasco and Maddalena by Antonio Canova; the violin Guarneri del Gesù "Il Cannone" belonged to Nicolò Paganini and other relics related to the Genoese violinist; and the civic collections of coins, ceramics, weights and measures.

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