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Celebrations in honour of San Giovanni Battista

Celebrations in honour of San Giovanni Battista

San Giovanni Battista is the saint protector of Genoa and he is celebrated on the day of his birth on June 24th.

On the night that comes before the day of the feast the 900 years long bond between the city of Genoa and the Baptiste finds its most clear expression. There is a festive atmosphere among the fires, the torches and lit candles, jugglers, musicians and actors, but also bars and fairs. You can find many events around the city centre on this night and, at midnight, you cannot miss the lighting of the great bonfire in piazza Matteotti.

On June 24th, from the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo to the Porto Antico, a solemn and spectacular procession of the ancient Confraternity is held with many great and artistic Cristi. The parade is followed by the blessing of the sea and the city by the Arcibishop of Genoa.