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Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024

Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024
Hundreds of sports events in the metro area of Genoa up to 2024 between national, international and Paralympics, but also cultural events and local sports initiatives for the realization of a proper ‘Model of Genoa’ for sport. Genoa was the protagonist of the XXXIII Gala of Italian cities recognised as European City of Sport. The ceremony, held this morning in Rome at the Honour Salon of Coni, attended the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, who revealed some important advances on the Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024 program, the major event set to transform Genoa into the European lighthouse of sport.
In the presence, among others, of the President-in-Office of the Council with delegation to sport Valentina Vezzali, of the President of the CONI Giovanni Malagò, the President of Sport & Salute SpA Vito Cozzoli and the President of ACES Europe-MSP Italy Gian Francesco Lupattelli, mayor Bucci presented in front of 30 other mayors and sport assessors the program of Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024
A very rich program of events, tournaments and initiatives aimed at reviving sports culture, promoting motor school activities, social sports, national and international agonistic sports, which will start well before 2024, a structured and organised path arranged along three fundamental lines: projects for school sports and for the elderly; local competitive events and international sports events, besides sport facilities.
Regarding the local and national competitive events, Genoa is a candidate for hosting events for each of the 45 sports Federations and various initiatives by sports promotion organisations. From the point of view of international sports events, however, Genoa has already earned for 2021 the World Urban Games and the World Cup of Wheelchair Dance.
Other events, sport as a vehicle of health and wellness and ACES Europe
Genoa 2024 therefore represents, not just for the city, a great opportunity to express a vision of sport as a factor in social and economic development and growth, wellness, improvement of lifestyles, and the promotion of human health.
The recognition of European Capital of Sport 2024, awarded in October 2019 by the no-profit association ACES Europe, will allow Genoa to play a leading role in the European and world sports system, not only in relation to competitive sports but also the basic level one. A way of understanding sport as a physical activity for citizens and for the development of motor activities aimed at improving health.
The title of the European Capital of Sport is a prize that ACES Europe has given every year since 2001 to European cities of at least 500 000 inhabitants who are characterised by projects following the ethical principles of sport: the city which won the recognition must organise at least 36 sporting events of national and international relevance.
In recent years, ACES Europe has also created awards for smaller cities, such as the European City of Sport (for cities between 500 000 and 25 000 inhabitants), the European Town of Sport (below 25 000 inhabitants) and the European Community of Sport (union of more cities).