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A light in the night, the guide to a safe harbor in a storm, an intermittent but never failing beacon of life. An authentic emblem of the city of Genoa, the “Lanterna”, at 77 metres, it is the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean and the second tallest in Europe. And, for Genoa, it is what the Leaning Tower is for Pisa, the Eiffel Tower for Paris and the Statue of Liberty for New York: an unmistakable symbol.

Built in in 1128 and reconstructed in 1543, it stands on a 40-metre-high rock, bringing the total height to 117 meters above sea level. The 172 stairs can be climbed up to the first observation terrace for superb views of the harbour and historic centre.

At the foot is a multimedia museum, where visitors can choose their own itinerary depending on the video material that interests them most. There are about 150 videos to choose from, illustrating the history, art, material culture and traditions of life in the city and province of Genoa through the words of ordinary people.

The walk that leads to the Lighthouse is a pedestrian path of about 800 metres, starting out near the Ferry Terminal.

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