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Museo dell’Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti

Museum of Ligustica Accademy of Fine Arts

Founded in 1751 on the initiative of a group of artists and Genoese aristocrats gathered around the Marquis Gio. Francesco Doria, the Accademia Ligustica, today the institute of High Artistic Education, offers visitors an articulated museum, an important testimony of art in Liguria from the fourteenth to the twentieth century.

The rich paintings cover a significant path among the most famous artists active in Genoa, from the precious gold funds - coming from demolished or suppressed churches - in Cambiaso, Strozzi, Ansaldo, Assereto, Castiglione, to Domenico Piola and his workshop. There is no lack of evidence of artistic production between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, from Luxoro to Rayper, D'Andrade and Avendaño, up to Merello and Nomellini.

Drawings, engravings, plaster models and marble sculptures, bronzes and terracotta, chalcographic matrices, majolica and porcelain, collected during the centuries of the institution, complete a conspicuous heritage that reflects the history of the city itself, already the capital of the ancient Republic of Genoa.

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In case of a RED hydrogeological alert issued by the Civil Defense, the museum will be closed and all scheduled events will be cancelled.


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