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MEI Museo Nazionale dell'Emigrazione Italiana

MEI Museo Nazionale dell'Emigrazione Italiana
The MEI - National Museum of Italian Emigration,

housed in the Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè, lies onto 3 floors divided into 16 areas where it is possible to retrace many stories of Italian migration, from the Unification of Italy (and even before) to the present. The museum is in close relationship with  Mu.MA  - Maritime and Migrations Museum and, in particular, with the nearby Galata Maritime Museum, which houses the section on transoceanic voyages "Memoria e Migrazioni" (Memory and Migrations) and the section on immigration, "Italiano anch'io".

Genoa is a city with a strong link to emigration: it was from here that millions of Italians left for the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

The life stories of migrants are told through first-hand sources such as diaries, letters, photographs,  newspapers and archival documents. 

It is an empathetic and interactive museum, where you can "do experience" . See, hear, learn and get involed in the scenic setting of one of the city's oldest medieval buildings, which originally provided hospitality to pilgrims.

WEATHER WARNING In case of weather warning "RED" the museum will be closed to the public and all events will be cancelled.


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Limiti, Confini, Soglie

Limiti, Confini, Soglie

Data di svolgimento: 18 Jul 24 - 08 Sep 24

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