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Genova: le Strade Nuove e il sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli iscritto nella Lista del Patrimonio mondiale UNESCO
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Genoa boasts a carefully structured network of museums of various kinds, comprising both the civic museum system (Museums of the City of Genoa) and two state-owned museums, as well as a rich assortment of privately-owned facilities.

This network of civic institutions includes the city's museums, archives and libraries, housed in over twenty locations:

  • the museums of Genoa, featuring thematic itineraries linked to the sea, art, cultures of the world, science and nature, history and archaeology;
  • the archives;
  • the Centro di Documentazione per la storia, l'arte, e l'immagine di Genova (Research centre for the history, art and image of Genoa);
  • the Centro Studi Tessuto e Moda DVJ - Damasco Velluto Jeans (Research Centre of Fabric and Fashion, DVJ - Damask Velvet Jeans);
  • the specialised book collections, and
  • the Settore Didattico (Educational Centre), which organises activities and services for schools and families.

The museum hubs of the civic institutions
Several museums are organised into hubs that offer coordinated activities.

  • the museums of the sea: the Galata Museo del Mare, the Museoteatro della Commenda di Pré, the Museo Navale di Pegli, and Castello D’Albertis
  • the museums of Nervi: the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, the Raccolta Frugone, Wolfsoniana and the Museo Luxoro
  • the Strada Nuova museums: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco, and Palazzo Tursi, all located along Genoa's historic "museum street"
  • the museums of the western area: Museo di Archeologia Ligure, Museo di Storia e Cultura Contadina Genovese e Ligure, Grotta dell’Archeologia.
  • the Centro di Documentazione research centre: the Biblioteca di Storia dell'Arte (History of Art library), the Archivio fotografico (Photographic archives) and the Collezioni Cartografica e Topografica (Map and topographical collections)
  • the Mazzini Institute: Museo del Risorgimento, Archive, dedicated Library

This network of civic institutions comes under a web portal of the museums of the city of Genoa, which provides both descriptions of the museums and daily information on cultural events, exhibitions, conventions, and everything that goes on in Genoa's museums.

In addition, the websites of the civic museums, libraries and archives share a common web search system for exploring their services, including information, publications, links to the catalogue of the city's cultural heritage and so on. This system strengthens the coordinated image of the museums, making surfing and searching smoother and easier.


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