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Tour bus

Tour bus

Зоны высадки/посадки пассажиров туристических автобусов

Passenger boarding and disembarking is permitted almost anywhere for a maximum of 30 minutes:

  • Piazza Caricamento
    Piazza Caricamento - 16124 Genova
    In front of the Aquarium
  • Piazza Dante
    Piazza Dante - 16121 Genova
  • Piazza De Ferrari
    Piazza de Ferrari - 16121 Genova
  • Piazza Villa
    Piazza Villa - 16124 Genova
    At the Spianata Castelletto view point

Стоянки для туристических автобусов в центральной зоне

  • Via di Francia
    Via di Francia - 16149 Genova

Платная стоянка на западной окраине для туристических автобусов

  • Genova Bus Parking
    Strada a Mare Guido Rossa - 16152 Genova
    Tel: +39 010564003 Cell: +39 3406738677
    www.genovabusparking.it - prenotazioni@genovabusparking.it
    A toll parking to accomodate 40 coaches. It's next to the Fiumara shopping centre. The area can be reached taking the first exit of the new "Strada a mare Guido Rossa"
    Compulsary booking via the website (Terms and conditions on the website)
    For information phone +39 340 6738677 / +39 010 564003, or email to prenotazioni@genovabusparking.it

    Rates (including VAT):
    1 hour € 10,00
    2 hours € 20,00
    3 hours € 30,00
    4 hours € 35,00
    Up to 8 hours € 50.00
    Up to 12 hours € 60,00
    Up to 24 hours € 80,00

  • Marina Aeroporto
    Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia - 16154 Genova
    Tel: +39 0106143420

    For tour coach parking:
    Outdoor parking; fare 40€ per day; booking is recommended
    Connected via I24 bus to the Genova Sestri Ponente and Genova Cornigliano railway stations and to the public bus system to reach the city centre
    For information and booking: Monday to Friday from 9a.m. to 6p.m.


No ticket is required to enter the city.

Limited traffic zones

The historic centre is exclusively a pedestrian zone.