Rolli Days Digital Week Genoa

From 16.05.2020 (Todo el día) hasta el 23.05.2020 (Todo el día)
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Genoa confirms the spring promotional event dedicated to the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli, which are part of UNESCO Heritage List until 2006, and it moves it on the web to allow the audience to discover the wonder of these sumptuous dwellings of the Genoese aristocracy.
From May 16 to 23 a series of never before seen videos, will open the doors of some of the more prestigious palaces, some of them shown for the first time.
It will be possible to live an experience, really similar to what you could personally experience attending the Rolli Days event, strolling through the halls, discovering their architectures, admiring the works of art.

Palaces of great excellence and artistic quality will be presented; in some of them public normally cannot enter due to space issues.

Many contents will be available both in Italian and English languages.

Here is the list of the palaces which are available for a first-time visit during Rolli Days Digital Week

Palazzo Tommaso Spinola (Pessagno) - Salita Santa Caterina 3  NEW
Palazzo Interiano Pallavicino - Piazza Fontane Marose 2 NEW
Palazzo Pantaleo Spinola (Gambaro) - Via Garibaldi 2
Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino – via Garibaldi 4
Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola - Via Garibaldi 5
Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino, Via Garibaldi 7
Palazzo Ridolfo Maria e Gio Francesco I Brignole Sale (Palazzo Rosso) Via Garibaldi 18
Palazzo Gio Carlo Brignole (Durazzo) – Piazza della Meridiana 2
Palazzo Giacomo e Pantaleo Balbi (Senarega) – Via Balbi 4
Palazzo Ambrogio di Negro - via San Luca 2
Palazzo Sinibaldo Fieschi - Via San Lorenzo 17 NEW
Palazzo Stefano Squarciafico - Piazza Invrea 5 NEW

As happened during the previous editons of the event, the knowledges and expertise of the young Scientific Popularisers will accompany the visits, the Rolli Days represents once more an occasion to valorize their skills: each one will accompany us to discover personally a unique heritage in the world.

The Rolli Days Digital Week will be a real trip to Genoa.
In addition to the above mentioned 12 palaces, it will be possible to discover other important venues, many other Palazzi dei Rolli (Palazzo Tursi, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Spinola, di Pellicceria, Palazzo della Meridiana), extraordinary places, often not so popular like the Diocesan Museum, important institutions like Carige Bank with its wonderful art collection.

Genoa will be represented also through different artistic languages: the music by Niccolò Paganini, with the Capricci, performed by Andrea Cardinale within the suggestive frame of the Paganiniana Hall at Palazzo Tursi, edited by Associazione Amici di Paganini; the words of the artists and writers who described the city and its sea, which will be aim of Igor Chierici performances; the dance, interpreting the sounds and colours of the city

And there will be the opportunity to discover Genoese flavours too, thanks to the traditional recipes, reinterpreted by one of the chefs belonging to Genova Gourmet network and through an innovative “Rolli’s menu”, that includes many ingredients of our region, created by young "Chefs in quarantine".



Click here and discover the Rolli Days Digital Week (text in Italian , videos in English)


Rolli Days Digital Week Genova 2020 is an event promoted and sponsored by the Municipality of Genoa, Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture, Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Regional Secretariat of Liguria, Association of the Rolli of the Republic of Genoa; in collaboration with the University of Genoa. (Humanistic science, Polytechnic school –Architecture science Department)


Sponsor Istituzionali del Comune di Genova 
Main Sponsor
Radio Monte Carlo è Media partner della città di Genova


Dal 01.06.2023 (Todo el día) al 04.06.2023 (Todo el día)

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