From the “happy hour” to the coking experience…. An occasion for everybody

In Genoa, ”l'aperitivo” (happy hour including tasty appetizers or open buffet) is a must that everybody want to experience: enjoyed in historical, traditional, or trendy pubs, in old taverns or bars found throughout the city, in museum cafeterias and sidewalk cafés … every location worth an aperitif.

The wide range of international drinks and natural beverages include at least two local specialties that are not to be missed: a "gotto" (Genoese glass) of Ligurian white wine served with the local famous “focaccia”, and the "baxeichito", a cocktail featuring the city's fabulous and unique basil.

A host of small plates, brimming with a variety of delicacies, are there to ensure the drinks never get lonely!

In Genoa, the usual fries, puff pastry savouries and olives are often joined at the buffet of the bar or at the table, by an abundance of other snacks: tocchi (pieces) of plain “focaccia” or focaccia enriched with different local toppings, or “focaccia al formaggio di Recco”, Recco's famous cheese-filled version; anchovies marinated in lemon juice; deep-fried sticks of chickpea flour, known as “panissa”, and piping hot “cucculli” dumplings; little servings of the famous “pasta al pesto”; sun-dried tomatoes in oil; grilled vegetables; small squares of “frittata” (local delicious omelette) and savoury pies; salmon canapés; slices of “cima”, a traditional Ligurian stuffed veal breast speciality; cod fritters; special cold cuts; chunks of cheese and even octopus dressed with parsley, all depending on the restaurant's local traditions and the season.

In Genoa you can taste the happy hour by the sea, in the beautiful Nervi or Boccadasse villages. No description or narrative manages to make the way the magic of this place: the sunset, the sky tinged with all shades of pink and orange, while a fresh and light breeze gently caressing you ... .. so much wonder definitely encourage your appetite!

If you prefer breathtaking views you can reach the Esplanade Castelletto or Righi; from here you have an unmissable view of the entire city. For those who love the historic centre and its lively movida, we suggest you to experience one of the many bars, pubs and wine bars scattered among the little squares and typical narrow alleys: Piazza Lavagna, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Lepre, via San Donato, via San Bernardo… and finally the evocative locations of the Porto Antico, the old port redesigned by Renzo Piano.

From happy hour to lunch or dinner is a short step ...

Let yourself be carried away by the timeless of the typical antique markets in the city centre: the “Mercato Orientale” and the “Mercato del Carmine” are a must for those who want to learn about and purchase the many local products and breath the atmosphere of the real city.

If you want to experience what you eat during the Genoese holiday, you can reach Palazzo Imperiale and be involved in a cooking experience, where you can create, right with your hands, duly accompanied by expert local chefs, the delicious dishes that make unique your stay in our city.

Tickets for tourist services to live and discover the city can be purchased online or at IAT Tourist Offices.

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