Villa Rossi Martini

Villa Rossi Martini is a noble Genoese villa located in the neighbourhood of Sestri Ponente. More commonly known as Villa Rossi, it was commissioned by the noble Lomellini family in the 17th century but was soon passed to the Centurione Spinola family.
In 1855, it was purchased at auction by the Rossi-Martini family, who expanded the beautiful park.
A number of distinguished figures have stayed in the villa, including Elisabeth of Wittelsbach, better known as Princess Sisi, the wife of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I. 

Surviving almost fully intact to this day, it covers an area of 40,425 square metres and is the green space of the neighbourhood of Sestri Ponente.  Its English design was laid out by the landscape architect Giuseppe Rovelli who used different species of palm trees to adorn the park, which were considered highly sought after plants at the time.

A wide field extends to the north entirely lined with tall-growing trees: pines, cedars, holm-oaks, cypresses, and palms characterize the natural backdrop fringing the lawn. 

The park is often used for cultural events and entertainment, especially during the summer.


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