• Rolli Days, October 2022: streets and palaces to live

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Discovering the Carmine district

  • Genoa's Forts and Walls

  • Guided tour through tradition and taste - itinerary no.1

  • Guided Tour of the Historic Shops

  • Guided tour through tradition and taste - itinerary no.3

  • The Historic Aqueduct

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour in the Museums of Strada Nuova

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour at Villa del Principe

  • Paganini Opera: Palazzo Ducale Concert and Tour

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Medieval Genoa

  • Guided Tour to the Convent Complex of Sant’Anna and the Ancient Pharmacy

  • Guided tour through tradition and taste - Special Edition

  • Vertical Genoa - from Carmine Neighbourhood to De Albertis Castle

  • Medieval Genoa – Guided Tour

  • Vertical Genoa: from Carmine neighbourhood to Spianata Castelletto

  • Tour Votive Shrines and Churches of the Palazzi dei Rolli

  • Genova and PAGANINI - Guided Tour

  • From Via Garibaldi to Carlo Felice Theatre: an unmissable journey through the iconic places of Genoa

  • Genova Walking Tour: Guided tour of the historic centre

  • The Magnificent Genoese Residences of the 1500s

  • Genoa in the summer

  • Genova, Rubens e i Palazzi dei Rolli - Guided Tour

  • Genova e la tradizione presepiale: un percorso guidato tra presepi, edicole votive e chiese dei Rolli

  • Audio guides to the Historic Centre

  • A treasure hunt for families in the Historic Centre

  • 24 hour card

  • 48 hour card

  • Annual Card

  • Annual Student Card

  • Genoa Walking Tour

  • The Magnificent Genoese Residences of the 1500s

  • Genoa and the spirit of Christmas - Guided tour in the historic centre, between nativity scenes, curiosities and traditions

  • Nativity scene in Genoa - Guided Tour

  • Prodotto test

  • Scopri Genova tra Arte, Sapori e Tradizioni

  • Genova e il Jeans - Visita Guidata

  • Genoa, between history and legends - Guided Tour

School trips

School Trips

Genoa is expanding its horizons toward new concepts of tourism, aimed at a younger audience that sees travel as a unique tool for acquiring knowledge and new experiences.

Art, history, nature, outdoor, tradition: the city offers countless options for an educational and engaging visit.

 Our services

  • Custom-designed itineraries;
  • Organisation and booking of guided tours and hikes;
  • Booking of visits to Genoa's museums;
  • Free maps of the city and other tourist brochures at special rates for schools and groups.
  • Tourist transport tickets for the public transport network (buses, underground, lifts, and funiculars): 
  • 24-hour "GENOVAPASS" city ticket for 1 person € 4.50 and for 4 people € 9.00. For information about public transport: www.amt-genova.it

For information or booking, please contact us at info@visitgenoa.it