Rolli Experience - Rubens Edition

Discover Genoa through the eyes of Rubens!
A unique & immersive weekend: guided tour of Rubens sites and Palazzi dei Rolli, exclusive guided visit and dinner in the magnificent Palazzi dei Rolli, access to the Rubens a Genova exhibition, accomodation in historic residences or selected hotels. 
The Rolli Experience is back! It is designed to give you the opportunity of living a distinct emotion: to spend a weekend in Genoa like a Guest of the old Republic.
Genoa and the Palazzi dei Rolli, UNESCO World Heritage, open their doors to a limited number of visitors for an immersive weekend which includes exclusive access to prestigious aristocratic residences. In the second half of the XVI Century the magnificence of these palazzi, which were deemed fit to host kings and ambassadors, gave birth to a peculiar public accommodation system, whereby the owners were obliged to host state visits in rotation.
These luxurious dwellings could not escape the refined eye of Flemish painter Pieter Paul Rubens who in 1622 in Antwerp published a book in which he collected all the sketches of the palazzi, thus promoting this architecture as a housing model for the European aristocracy.
Four hundred years since that book was published, The Rolli Experience celebrates the great Flemish painter and admirer of Genoa’s palazzi with a special edition.
A weekend made of historical and cultural narration, dinner in a majestic residence and visit to the Rubens a Genova art exhibition.
The programme:
Welcome at Gallerie Nazionali di Palazzo Spinola, curator-led tour focused on Rubens and his masterpiece Equestrian portray of Gio. Carlo Doria (duration: 1 hour approximately)
guided visit of Genoa old town, centred on Rubens and the Palazzi dei Rolli, with local professional tourist guides (duration 2 hours approximately);
guided visit of Palazzo Interiano Pallavicino with cultural experts, followed by gala dinner;
The Rolli Experience includes:
Access to the Rubens a Genova exhibition held at Palazzo Ducale (participants will be given a voucher and will be free to visit the exhibition in their own time; suggested times: Saturday early afternoon or Sunday);
Accomodation in historic residence – subject to availability - or in selected hotel (Friday and Saturday night).
The Rolli Experience – Rubens Edition takes place a weekend a month:
25-27 November 2022
16-18 December 2022
20-22 January 2023
The Rolli Experience – Rubens Edition will be sold as a tourist package by local Tour Operator: