Rolli Days - October 2019

Genoa's autumn is coloured with the lights of the Rolli Days: on the 12th and 13th October the city celebrates the extraordinary palazzi dell’aristocrazia genovese (Palaces of the Genoese aristocracy), which were recognized in 2006 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
For a weekend, it will be possible to visit free of charge many of the buildings that Rubens called "an example of beauty and magnificence for all Europe", the splendid frescoed decorations, the extraordinary architecture, the art collections. An unmissable opportunity to spend a weekend immersed in the splendour of Genoa.
There are three areas of the city around which this new edition of Rolli Days develops.
Strada Nuova
In the "Via Aurea" i Musei di Strada Nuova (the Museums of Strada Nuova Palazzo Tursi, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino (Chamber of Commerce) and Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino will be open. Also, after many years and only for the day of Sunday 13th October, the “piano nobile” of Palazzo Spinola Doria, home of the “Circolo Tunnel” (an artistic association founded in 1875), wonderfully frescoed with the events of the Genoese family, ranging from their activities in the orient to the embassy to the emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa).
San Lorenzo
In the throbbing heart of the "old city", the nineteenth-century Piazza San Lorenzo (located in front of the Cathedral) is the doorway to an ancient and extremely suggestive urban . For the first time Palazzo Cicala will be open to the public, housed within this complex is the passage connecting Piazza degli Invrea to the sixteenth-century Palazzo Squarciafico (with its painted  painted facade) and Piazza delle Scuole Pie will be open to the public for the first time, where it will be possible to visit the church of the same name with it's baroque marble bas-reliefs.
Banchi area
Thanks to the collaboration with the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts, it will also be possible to enjoy an unprecedented visit of Palazzo Senarega, located in the square of the same name, passing from the front of the port towards Piazza Fontane Marose, Palazzo Spinola Franzone will be open in Via Luccoli, with its marvelous decorations from the Baroque period.



Another absolute novelty of this edition is the Rolli Experience, dedicated to those who want to experience what it might have been like to stay in Genoa as an honoured guest of the ancient Republic.

Starting from this edition special holiday packages will be available; they will include guided visits to prestigious spaces reserved for a limited number of visitors, dinner in exclusive locations, overnights in accommodation facilities located inside the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli.

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Friday, October 11th , a suggestive preview of the Rolli Days: the "Palazzi in luce" returns, thanks to the collaboration with the Friends of the Ligurian Museums and Palazzo Ducale. The night before at the Rolli Days, the windows of the buildings of Strada Nuova and Piazza Fontane Marose will once again be opened, offering a unique view of the extraordinary frescos, which will stand out illuminated in the dark of the evening, till 11.00 pm.


Guided tours conducted by qualified tourist guides will be available, as every year, based on specific itineraries that will offer opportunities for further study.
Visits will soon be available online on the store.

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The sponsors for this edition of Genoa Rolli Days are:

Sponsor Istituzionale: Gruppo Iren
Main Sponsor: Esselunga 
Sponsor: Banca Carige - Metinvest Trametal SpA - Gruppo Spinelli
Radio Monte Carlo is the Media partner of the City of Genova
Rolli Days Genova 2019 is an event promoted and sponsored by the Municipality of Genoa, Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture, Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Regional Secretariat of Liguria, Association of the Rolli of the Republic of Genoa; in collaboration with the University of Genoa (School of Humanities, Polytechnic School - Department of Architecture Sciences).


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