Porto Antico

The ancient portual area was redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992 for the celebrations of the quincentenary of the discovery of America celebrations, it became a touristic centre of the city where you can have a drink, dine, go shopping, watch a movie, skate of dive in the swimming pool.

At the end of the dock lies the Magazzini del Cotone complex, from this point of view you can admire the Lanterna, which is very close, and Genoa and its Gulf in all their beauty. In the background the hills are full of colours in the light of day and lit at night.

Beyond the Acquario, there are also other attractions are: the panoramic lift, Bigo, (whose shape and name recall to the ancient manual loading cranes), the Biosfera, the Città dei Bambini, a recreational and interactive museum for children between 2 and 14 years old.

The area of the Porto Antico became the citadel of entertainment and leisure time for Genoese people and tourists and it offers many events not only during the summer but also during the rest of the year.

The Arena del Mare and Piazza delle Feste, which becomes an artificial ice rink in the winter, host important concerts of Italian and international artists, shows and festivals dedicated to every expression of culture and art and cinema, that fill with lights and sounds the Genoese nights.

Moreover the Magazzini del Cotone complex represents an exceptional location for international conventions, conferences and seminars.


Useful information

By undergroung: San Giorgio . By bus: Turati/Metrò San Giorgio . By train: Piazza Principe
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