Pedestribus:Outdoor tourism two steps from the city

A new project has landed in Genoa and it will allow you to enjoy the rural beauty of the city. From the mountains behind Genoa to the territories of the 9 city Municipalities (Municipios), 8 proposals have been conceived, all reachable on foot and by public transport.
Discover the beauty of the inland of Genoa thanks to easy and suggestive itineraries, all reachable by ecological and economic public transports: it is the philosophy of the Pedestribus project. The goal is to promote the territory and the excursions a few steps form the city, showing paths, accessible for everyone, on foot or by bus, hence the name Pedestribus.
For the first time, a guide of 56 pages collects and presents 8 simple excursions (classified T or E) in the territory of the Municipality of Genoa. All reachable by bus and adequately marked, also with a 118 app (the emergency system). They are suitable for citizens and tourists because they are not particularly difficult.
All departure and arrival points of the itineraries are connected with the buses or the Genoa Casella railway stations and other AMT public means of transport (funiculars and rack railways). The project presents an itinerary for each Municipality (Municipio), except for the circular path of the historic Aqueduct which includes both the high and the low Bisagno torrent valley.

Forts, trenches, caverns, small churches, rural villages: there are several historical evidences together with wonderful views and the nature’s heritage of the Genoese inland. Genoa, known as a seaside town, has a mountainous inland that reaches the Apennine ridge, up to 1000mt altitude, and it  deserves to be discovered. This project was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Genoa, Amt public transport company, the Amt Leisure Club, CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and Alpine Rescue, which geolocated the routes in order to be able to carry out any possible rescue operation in the shortest time. The paths are selected and indicated in the sections and sub- sections of CAI and in the Mountain section of the Amt Leisure Club, thanks to their consolidated experience also in the urban outdoor itineraries.
Here the details of the itineraries:
  • San Carlo di Cese – Colle Gandolfi – Monte Penello, by CAI ULE Sestri Ponente: a path that allows you to join Colle Gandolfi from San Carlo di Cese through the ancient commercial route which connected the sea of Pegli to its inland.
  • Alta Val Chiaravagna, by CAI ULE Sestri Ponente: a path which develops through the valley created by the torrent that has its origin in the village of Serra Panigaro.
  • Ring of Asosto di Bigiae, by CAI Bolzaneto: it is a circular path that has been recently reopened and it leads to the curious shelter of “Asosto di Bigiae”: it is an itinerary which allows you to admire the wide view over Genoa, its gulf and its mountains.
  • Sampierdarena –Diamante Fort , by CAI Sampierdarena: comfortable walk that from the centre of Sampierdarena reaches Diamante Fort, touching important sites of historical, artistic and religious interest.
  • Granarolo – Righi excursion ring, by CAI Ligure Genova: simple routes that winds along the mountains of Genoa and runs along the 17th Century New Walls: several panoramic points over the city and its valleys of torrents Bisagno and Polcevera.
  • Diamante Fort historic aqueduct ring, of the trenches and caverns, by CAI ULE Genova : it is a circular route with a wonderful view over the city, particularly suitable for families.
  • Oriental Forts, by CAI Ligure Genova: it is the most «urban» route which from the village of Boccadasse continues to discover the Middle-East forts.
  • Quarto – Pomà – San Desiderio, by the mountain section of Amt Leisure Club: from the civilization of the sea to the civilization of the chestnut tree, a journey through time which reaches the suggestive village of Pomà.
  • Discover the inland with the Genoa Casella railway, by the mountain section of Amt Leisure Club: an overview of all the most interesting stops and the most suggestive excursions that can be done taking the Genoa Casella railway
  • The Pedestribus guide, which collects the details of all the routes, is published online and can be downloaded from the 20th of July, from the websites  of Amt, Municipality of Genoa, CAI, Cral Amt. In respect of the environment and also for future implementation with further routes this guide will be only digital. The Amt offices, that edited the graphic of the guide, are working on an English version.


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