Lose yourself in the mediaeval streets and traditional old workshops

One of the largest in Europe, Genoa's historic centre unwinds in an intricate maze of alleyways (caruggi) that open unexpectedly onto small squares; the soul of the city lives here in these alleyways, where smells, tastes, and cultures have combined throughout history.

In these narrow spaces, tucked away between the hills and the sea, the pride of wealthy Genoese merchants, indomitable leaders of the Republic, had beautiful mansions built, in which works of art have been collected and preserved for centuries and are visible to this day in several house-museums.

In this dense urban landscape, where the windows are so close they almost touch, architectural styles are layered over one another, with a medieval wall serving as the base of a 14th-century building and Gothic loggias becoming trendy bars: this is a place where the past forms the foundations of the present.

In the centre, where time seems to have stood still, noble palaces and splendid churches alternate with historic shops that have been in operation for over 100 years, where local specialities are still prepared according to ancient recipes and handmade objects are crafted with timeless skill.

At the corners, be sure to lift your gaze to admire the magnificent votive niches donated by ancient guilds to illuminate the streets at night.



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