Genoa sets sail, music and shows in Piazza della Vittoria

From the end of June and the beginning of July Genoa is going to be a great protagonist of the national and international limelight! The great excitement for the arrival of The Ocean Race, the extraordinary round-the-world regatta which will see its final stage in the Superb, is joined by a unique atmosphere made up of top-level music and shows. A series of evenings to be experienced, which the Municipality of Genoa - with the support of some sponsors - offers to citizens and tourists in the large space of Piazza della Vittoria.

Evenings for all tastes and ages, from pop to rock, from revival to electronic music with a look at new talent. A fantastic mix of past, present and future able to involve entire generations. It starts on June 26th with an evening that looks in particular at the new generations: the large stage will see alternating gIANMARIA, young singer-songwriter and rapper, revelation of the talent "X Factor" in 2021 and protagonist of a rapid rise in the Italian music scene, and Dardust , pioneering artist and producer of alternative classical music. The interludes of voice and music will be edited by Radio Babboleo.

The next day, June 27th, appointment with a long journey through time that goes from the music of the 70s to the present day. Guest stars - as well as icon of the "fab '70s" - are I Cugini di Campagna, who will entertain the public by retracing the main successes of their long-lasting career. At the opening, U Boot 70, ready to make you dance to the tune of the main hits of that period.

On June 28th, I Love Italia night – Powered by Pulsee Luce e Gas, a tribute to Italian music, to established and emerging artists on the national scene. The five young winners of the Power2music contest organized by Pulsee Luce e Gas, the digital brand of Axpo Italia, sponsor of the Municipality of Genoa, will take the stage first. Following the concert of Paola and Chiara, with a stop on their tour "Paola&Chiara forever". To open and close the evening DJ Roby Rocca.

Friday 30th June, great anticipation for the Tezenis Summer Festival, the Radio105 kermesse which stops in Genoa with a parterre of great names from national music and beyond.

Grand finale on Sunday 2nd July with the Genova Dance Parade in the name of music, dance, fun and sustainability.


Here is the schedule:

Monday 26th June

Evening powered by Eni

8.30 pm: voice and music by Radio Babboleo

9 pm: gIANMARIA live with the "Mostro Tour 2023"

10.00 pm: voice and music by Radio Babboleo

10.30 pm: Dardust live on "Duality Tour"

Following: voice and music by Radio Babboleo


Tuesday June 27th

“From the 70s to the present day” - Powered by Eni

8.30 pm: U Boot 70 (vintage band)

10 pm: I Cugini di Campagna

Djset with dj From Mars and Merk & Kremont.


Wednesday June 28th

I love Italia Night - Powered by Pulsee Light and Gas

8.30 pm: djset Robbi Rocca

9 pm: performance of the 5 winners of the "Power2music" contest organized by Pulsee Luce e Gas, digital brand of Axpo Italia, sponsor of the Municipality of Genoa.

Intermezzo: djset Robbi Rocca

10 pm: "Paola&Chiara Forever"

Following: djset Robbi Rocca


Friday June 30th

Tezenis Summer Festival


Sunday 2nd July

Genoa Dance Parade - Powered by Eni

From 6pm: Parade from Ocean Live Park to Piazza della Vittoria.

From 6 pm, in Piazza della Vittoria: performance by internationally renowned DJs, including Pan-Pot, Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace, Valentino, Menny b2b Fav


All evenings are free! In the boxes below, you can find the events in detail. Good fun!



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