Genoa between land and sea: also in the kitchen

A city between land and sea, Genoa reflects the natural union of its two “souls” also in the kitchen. A gastronomic tradition whose roots, history and ingredients, represent the finest expression of Mediterranean cuisine.
The local cuisine is simple in its ingredients but with a particular creativity that has allowed it to invent genuine, wholesome and absolutely delicious dishes. A centuries-old culinary tradition handed down from generation to generation,  also thanks to the city’s many historic shops.
With its flavours, fragrances and dishes, Genoa takes you back in time, every mouthful a taste of the simple traditional ingredients which have remained unchanged for centuries.
Olive oil, basil, garlic, local varieties of tomatoes and aromatic herbs are the basic ingredients of the simple and well balanced local gastronomy, which goes well with meat and fish dishes, but not only....
Genoese cuisine, in fact, is a bit like the inhabitants of its city, revealing itself little by little and only slowly revealing all that it has to offer.
To celebrate the whole of Liguria, we must of course start with basil, pesto and focaccia, symbols of our region and justly known as the standard bearer of the local cuisine. 
Delicious in all its forms (plain, with onion, rosemary, cheese, etc.), focaccia is an ambassador of Genoese cuisine, so much so that for the “festa di San giorgio”  (St George's Day), the cultural association 'Genova World' has created a special version, known as 'Focaccia di San Giorgio'. A particular interpretation with which the city pays homage to all the provinces of Liguria.
It is impossible to resist the scent of basil rising invitingly from plates of trenette al pesto, the Genoese first course “par excellence”. But there are many other “primi”, such as ravioli al 'tocco', minestrone alla genovese and the lesser known pansoti with walnut sauce (another exceptional dish which consists of fresh filled pasta in a typical walnut sauce). 
The city also has many seafood specialities to offer: from “ciuppin” to “buridda”, “capponada” to “stoccafisso accomodato”. One of the most elaborate is the cappon magro, a spectacular layered cold fish salad.
Also typical of the local gastronomy are the exquisite vegetable dishes, such as the torta pasqualina (a savoury pie made with chard), “polpettone alla genovese” and the delicious stuffed vegetables.
While for those with a sweet tooth, Genoa also has much to offer: one of the most famous and traditional specialities is “pandolce genovese”, a kind of panettone with sultanas and pine nuts, a must on the tables of the Genoese during the Christmas holidays, but which can be found in pastry shops all year round.  Equally delicious are the candied fruit and chocolate typical of the historic shops around the city.
And what about canestrelli? Butter biscuits with an irresistible aroma that will have you searching for them in bakers and pastry shops. But be careful, it is difficult to stop after only one! 
If, on the other hand, you want to experiment with a slightly “alternative” afternoon snack, try panera in one of the many artisanal ice-cream bars in Genoa. It's a coffee parfait, typical of the city, which is ideal for a break when exploring the city. 
But where can you taste genuine examples of Genoese gastronomy? Why not, in one of the Liguria Gourmet restaurants! The Liguria Gourmet award is given by the Chamber of Commerce to those restaurants that are committed to safeguarding the excellence of the typical local cuisine through the use of local products. 
Find out more on the official Liguria Gourmet page. 
Genoa is also the aroma and flavour of its cuisine, come and discover it!


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