Genoa’s Shopping Streets

For those who love shopping and getting lost among the shop windows, Genoa offers a wide choice of streets dedicated to this activity. Each area of the city has its particular type of shop, from prestigious brands to low cost chains, from trendy boutiques to traditional small shops. As you stroll through the streets, you can immerse yourself in the different atmospheres and feel the history of the place. Passing from bustling modern shopping streets such as Via XX Settembre to ones that still  breath the air of times past, such as the shops in the city’s numerous alleyways. 
Here are the main shopping areas in Genoa.
- Via XX Settembre: the main shopping street of the city, with its characteristic arcades and crossed by the Monumental Bridge, it offers a wide choice of clothes shops, household goods, bars and much more. Via XX Settembre, together with Piazza De Ferrari, represents the nerve centre of the city.
- Via Roma and Galleria Mazzini: both characterised by their elegance and opulence, Via Roma with its 19th century buildings and Galleria Mazzini, inspired by the galleries of Milan and Paris and considered among the most “chic” places in the city, are ideal for luxury shopping and for those who prefer sophisticated boutiques. 
- Via San Luca and Via Orefici: in the alleys of Genoa you can find all kinds of shops, including bars, ice cream shops, haberdashers, ironmongers, bakers, boutiques and antique shops, savouring the smells and scents that recall times past.
- Fiumara: The “Fiumara” shopping centre offers a wide range of shops and restaurants. It has ample covered parking and boasts an entertainment centre dedicated to cinema and games. It is located in the Sampierdarena area, a few minutes from the centre.
- L'Aquilone: shopping centre on the outskirts of the city, located at the Genova Bolzaneto motorway exit. It offers a variety of shops and refreshment options.
- Via Sestri: the main shopping street in the western part of Genoa, located just a few minutes from Genoa Airport. Here you can find numerous clothes shops, bars, ice cream shops, haberdashers, ironmongers, bakers, and traditional boutiques.

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