Fun for all the family

Genoa is the ideal city for a family visit!
There is a little secret to getting the most out of “La Superba”: never lose sight of the blue horizon that will accompany you to every corner of the city. From the Porto Antico to the Spianata Castelletto, from the Galata Museum to the city’s famous Aquarium, the sea will be the ideal companion for your family trip to Genoa.
The old harbour area which was redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992 as part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, has now become the centre of the city's tourist activity where visitors can enjoy an aperitif, dine, go shopping, watch a film, ice skate or dive into the swimming pool.
Arriving at the end of the pier where the Magazzini del Cotone are located, just a short step from the Lanterna, Genoa and its Gulf can be admired in all their beauty. The hills forming a backdrop to this evocative panorama, coloured by day and illuminated by night.
A precious treasure trove of biodiversity: with its 27,000 square metres, 70 tanks and over 12,000 animals of 600 different species, the Genoa Aquarium is the largest exhibition of aquatic fauna in Europe. A journey of discovery of underwater life among dolphins and sharks, penguins and manatees, jellyfish and seals, tropical fish and Antarctic animals awaits visitors to the Genoa Aquarium.
Inaugurated in 1992 as part of the Columbus celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, Genoa’s Aquarium is visited by more than a million people every year.
It was the first tourist-cultural institution in the world to obtain the Biosafety Trust Certification created by RINA to prevent and control the spread of infection and to protect the health of visitors & staff throughout the complex.
The largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean tells the story of six centuries of life at sea in a space measuring 12,000 square metres containing 4,300 original objects, 31 exhibition halls (one dedicated to Christopher Columbus), which houses the famous portrait attributed to Ghirlandaio and the “Book of Privileges”, two panoramic terraces, the full size reconstruction of a 17th century Genoese galley, a 19th century brig, the deckhouse of an early 20th century steamship, as well as an entire section (MeM) dedicated to Italian migration to America and contemporary immigration.
There are also interactive multimedia stations such as the Tempest room to experience a shipwreck off Cape Horn through VR stations. In addition to the many other new features that the Museum has introduced it is also possible to make a unique visit to the submarine S518 Nazario Sauro while it is berthed at sea!
An amazing "balcony" suspended over the Old Town with a 360° view of the city and port. It is exciting to go up in the Art Nouveau lift.
From here you can admire the roofs of the old houses made of slate, a typical material in this area, medieval towers and Baroque domes; in the distance, the sea animated by modern ships and ancient memories. As a backdrop, the heights of the city dotted with parks, villas, sanctuaries and crowned by fortresses.
To reach the splendid panoramic terrace of Castelletto, there is an alternative to the lift: venture up the “creuze”, the characteristic cobbled pedestrian streets, which were once the "ring roads" that took travellers out of Genoa, the very ones in the songs of Fabrizio De Andrè.
Spianata Castelletto is the ideal place to take a moment to relax and enjoy a delicious ice cream or granita made to perfection.
Discover Genoa with your children, it is a safe and fascinating city that will surprise you and win your heart!


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