Rolli Days - May 2018

From 19.05.2018 (All day) to 20.05.2018 (All day)
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Rolli Days: a trip through the splendours of the Renaissance and Baroque Genoa, discovering the sumptuous palaces which belonged to the Genoese aristocracy, built in order to demonstrate its finesse, elegance and richness. Dozens of the wonderful residences, loved by Rubens, which became UNESCO World Heritage in 2006.

On the edition that will take place on May 19th and 20th, 2018, we suggest two thematic itineraries to explore the relationship between Genoa and its palaces, guided by the Scientific staff, and to discover two new palaces, which will be open to the public for the first time. 

Itinerary 1.  “From the sea to the city walls”

Genoa’s relationship with the sea has been a constant factor throughout its history, driving the city’s urban, economic and artistic development. Starting from Palazzo San Giorgio, the old “palace of the sea” commissioned by Simon Boccanegra, we make our way across the city, encountering the palaces the aristocracy had built with the proceeds from their trade and financial investments. After crossing the square named after Raffaele De Ferrari, who re-built the harbour (Palazzo Doria De Fornari and Palazzo Doria De Ferrari-Galliera) in the nineteenth century, we reach Palazzo Doria Spinola, in the lee of the walls that closed off the city to the north until it began to undergo urban expansion.

On this itinerary you will find the following palaces:

1) Palazzo San Giorgio
2) Palazzo Ambrogio Di Negro (via San Luca 2)
3) Palazzo Gio. Batta Lercari poi Spinola (via Orefici 7)    
4) Palazzo Vincenzo Imperiale (piazza Campetto 8)
5) Palazzo Gio. Stefano Doria (vico Falamonica 9R)  Ristorante The Cook, you can visit form  10 am to noon and from 4 to 6 pm)
6) Palazzo Doria De Ferrari Galliera (piazza De Ferrari 3)
7) Palazzo Doria De Fornari (piazza De Ferrari 4)
8) Quadreria Banca Carige
9) Palazzo Antonio Doria poi Spinola (Prefettura) (Largo Lanfranco 1)

Itinerary 2. “One city, three Strade Nuove”

In the sixteenth,seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,Via Garibaldi,Via Balbi and Via Cairoli stood asthe embodiment of the city’s political and cultural elites.Through itsmagnificent palaces, and the important fresco cycles and collections they contain, even today the stories of the men who made Genoa one of the capitals of the Mediterranean are able to convey the greatness and prestige of a city that is unique in the world.

On this itinerary you will find the following palaces:

1) Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino (via Garibaldi 4)
2) Palazzo Franco Lercari poi Parodi (via Garibaldi 3) – you can visit the second floor only on Saturday and Sunday morning
3) Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino (via Garibaldi 7) (atrium and yard with nymphaeum; guided tours at reduced price of the interiors and the garden)
4) Palazzo Nicolò Grimaldi (Musei di Strada Nuova- Palazzo Tursi) (via Garibaldi 9)
5) Palazzo Luca Grimaldi (Musei di Strada Nuova - Palazzo Bianco) (via Garibaldi 11)
6) Palazzo Brignole Sale (Musei di Strada Nuova - Palazzo Rosso) (via Garibaldi 18)
7) Palazzo Gerolamo Grimaldi (Palazzo della Meridiana) and Van Dyck e i suoi amici exhibition 
8) Palazzo Balbi Doria Lamba – (via Cairoli) only the atrium
9) Palazzo Lomellini Patrone (Comando Territoriale E.I.) – Guided tours of Palazzo Balbi Senarega – (via Balbi 4)
10) Palazzo dell’Ateneo – ex Collegio dei Gesuiti – (via Balbi 5)
11) Botanical garden – (Università - Amici dell’Orto Botanico)

Naturally the visitors will be able to choose to discover freely as many palaces as the like, in their favoutrite order.

For the complete list of the palaces that will be open to the public, the tour instructions and the complete programme please read the attached file

As usual, thematic guided tours with qualified staff will be available.

In order to make the Rolli Palaces accesible for all, even for this edition there will be guided tours dedicated to disabled people

The Rolli Days May 2018 are sponsored by: IREN S.p.A., Coop Liguria, Banca Carige, Arca Fondi,  Metinvest Trametal (firm of the Metinvest Gropu).
Radio Montecarlo is Media Partner of Rolli Days 2018



Main sponsor: Gruppo Iren, Coop Liguria.


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