Paganini Prize 56° Edition

From 15.10.2021 (All day) to 24.10.2021 (All day)
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International Violin Competition “Premio Paganini” – 56th Edition

From October 15th to October 24th, the 56th “Premio Paganini”, the prestigious international violin competition, will take place in Genoa under the Artistic Direction of Giuseppe Acquaviva.

Due to COVID health emergency, the preselection stage of the competition will take place on the web rather than in the world capitals of music: New York, Vienna, Moscow, Guangzhou as happened in the last two editions of the competition.

The preliminary round, scheduled for October 16th and 17th, will take place at Palazzo Tursi.

On October 19th-20th the competition will move to Carlo Felice Theatre, where the selected violinists will compete for the Semifinal stage, while the finalists will perform on October 23rd and 24th together with the Theatre’s Orchestra.

All the information to enter the competition:



The Paganini Committee established to extend the registration deadline for submitting applications to 31st May, in order to facilitate the attendance of many applicants, who are having difficulties due to the health emergency. For this reason, the registration fee will be charged only to those who will be admitted to the preliminary rounds. The Premio Paganini is not only an international event both from an artistic and a cultural point of view, but it is also very dear to Genoese people



The Premio Paganini will be the strong point of an October fully dedicated to Niccolò Paganini,rich of initiatives, events, in depth studies, which will focus the cultural promotion of the city on the Genoese violinist, turning him into a unique reference on the international scene.

In the framework of  Paganini’s figure promotion and of his relationship to Genoa, new initiatives and opportunities will be included. The Third Paganini Genoa Festival will include among its most important events, an international conference and a concert with Kevin Zhu, young and virtuoso violinist, winner of the 2018 edition of the competition. On October 27, on the occasion of Paganini’s birthday, he will have the honour to perform at Palazzo Tursi with the Guarneri del Gesù, the famous “Cannone” belonged to Paganini. 

The international promotion and enhancement of Paganini’s figure will become the focus of a well-structured communication strategy which includes a designated area on Visitgenoa website. Through a landing page, created to promote the initiative focused on “October, a month dedicated to Paganini”, it will be possible to refer to all the cultural, historical and musical heritage connected to the great violinist and to his relationship with his city (events, museum paths and the archives of Paganini research centre, which have been recently moved to a prestigious seat at Palazzo Tursi.



The idea to create a music competition dedicated to Paganini came about in 1940, when Genoa was preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous musician's death.
Unfortunately, the war was approaching and the idea proposed by the journalist and music critic Carlo Marcello Rietmann was temporarily put on hold. In 1952 the city Mayor Vittorio Pertusio and the Deputy mayor for the Arts at the time, Lazzaro Maria De Bernardis decided that every year, on October 12th "the Day of Genoa and Christopher Columbus" would be celebrated;  they created three different Prizes; one of them was a violin competition dedicated to Paganini, whose artistic direction was assigned to Luigi Cortese, the most distinguished Genoese composer of the Twentieth Century.

In 1954, the first edition of the competition, was actually really fast. Only two violinists took part in the competition and no one received any prize. In the following years the number of participants grew and in 1956 the first prize was assigned for the first time. Since then, the Competition has quickly established itself at international level.

In 1956, in Genoa, during some preliminary meetings, the foundations were laid for the establishment, the following year, in Geneva, of the World Federation for Musical Competitions of which the Paganini Competition was a founding member.

Initially the Competion had closed-doors rounds, then all the performances became open to the public, in order to give the chance to the enthusiasts to follow each round of the competition.

Until 2002 the Competition was annual; it became biennal for few years and in the last years it takes place every three years. 

The severity of the juries and the sequence of the rounds, which examine in depth both the technical aspects and the interpretive music style, have guaranteed the high quality level of the competition over the years. 

It’s not a coincidence that the first prize hasn’t been assigned for 16 times and that the violinists who won the competition all had successful international careers such as: Salvatore Accardo (1958), Grigory Zhislin (1967), Ghidon Kremer (1969), Leonidas Kavakos (1988), Natalia Prichepenko (1990), Massimo Quarta (1991), Isabelle Faust (1993), Bin Huang (1994), Giovanni Angeleri (1997), Sayaka Shoji (1999), Mengla Huang (2002), In Mo Yang (2015), Kevin Zhu (2018).





Foto Kevin Zhu,  @  Giusi Lorelli Fotografa


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