Paesaggi Interiori / Landscapes from within

From 01.01.2019 (All day) to 13.10.2019 (All day)
Castello D'Albertis
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PAESAGGI INTERIORI/ LANDSCAPES FROM WITHIN represents how territory and traditions can choke the populations’ identity when they may be seen from the indigenous’ point of view, their right to sovereignty and the current life conditions of Turtle Island. Turtle Island is the country which today is better known as North America and which has been “visited” by Christopher Columbus. 
The exhibition is organised inside the historical spaces of Castello D’Albertis in Genoa and it is a strong reminder to the ever burning matter of decolonisation within the art institution; furthermore it sets in motion a reflection on individual states of mind about these national and social issues. Even though Columbus have never settled or conquered Turtle Island, his intergenerational influence on the indigenous’ genocide has vexed native populations of this island over the centuries, as the deep traces full of racist feelings are perceptible even today. 
Jaque Fragua and Antoniette Thompson illustrate a catastrophic indigenous wonderland by using acrylics on canvas and photos: they transmit an accurate representation of modern Native Americans’ life.
JAQUE FRAGUA (Jemez Pueblo) works in order to destoy the impressions about being an Indian American. His artworks in the exhibition symbolize how we could possibly subvert a stereotype, with the aim of encouraging a reflection about the status-quo, the public inhibitions and each individual’s self. Fragua’s work is a continuous claim for belonging.
ANTOINETTE THOMPSON (Navajo) overcomes the traditional Native imagery, with her abstract expressionism; she paints what she feels as opposed to what she sees and what it is expected she should paint. 
DELANEY KESHENA (Menominee) is a photography student who attend the Istitute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her personal works will be joined by a video, which has been collectively realised by the use of the international exchanges programme: DIGITAL NATIVES. This project is the result of a collaboration between the students of the Institute of American Indian Arts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Institute of Sainte-Marie of Bruxelles, Belgium.
The exhibition theme is further developed by the use of Totem Talks,  a modern way of introspective and dialogical interaction for visitors of any age. For each exhibition of the three-year partnership planned by Soul of Nations, Totem Talk will be always there to let visitors in a group or school groups to express their feelings and emotions by answering to the questions that every Totem will ask, for example “What does it mean being an indigenous?” or “What do you mean by sacred?”. 
The exhibition is curated by Soul Center for the Arts (director Ernest Hill) which will occupy also the summer dining room at the 2nd floor, in addition to the 1st floor gallery of the Castle, used for the temporary exhibitions.
INAUGURATION: May 31st, h 6 pm
Phone: 010 2723820
until September:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:  10am – 6pm
Thursday: 1pm – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday:  10am – 7pm (last entrance h 6pm)
Closed: Monday
From Tuesday to Friday:  10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday:  10am – 6pm (last entrance h 5)
Closed: Monday

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