"La Storia in Piazza" Festival - 2019

From 04.04.2019 (All day) to 07.04.2019 (All day)
Palazzo Ducale
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For the 10th time, "La Storia in Piazza" returns to Genoa with a special and unexpected topic: the Utopy, a very interesting subject because, in the common language, utopy is referred to something that cannot be materialised, something even silly sometimes, but it is utopy indeed that encourages to focus on higher goals.

History, myth and utopy together make a charming trio because they can be mutually complementary, but at the same time conflicting. This is just a little taste of what will be the main topic discussed at Palazzo Ducale from the 4th to the 7th of April, four days that will give ideas and suggestions to elaborate thoughts  and to start the thinking about our future.

Here is the list of the speakers that will talk about this topic in their speeches: Alessandro BARBERO, Reinhold BICHLER, Luca BIZZARRI, Michelangelo BOVERO, Gian Mario BRAVO, Antonio BRUSA, Giuseppe CAMBIANO, Luciano CANFORA, Andrea CANZIANI, Franco CARDINI, Bruno CARTOSIO, Eleonora CECCHERINI, Roberto CINGOLANI, Paolo COLLO, Lella COSTA, Luca CRESCENZI, Chiara CRISCIANI, Michel DELON, Marco DI BRANCO, Donatella DI CESARE, Franco FABBRI, Marco FAIMALI, Ferdinando FASCE, Anna FERRARI, Chiara FRUGONI, Isabella GAGLIARDI, Emilio GENTILE, Elda GUERRA, Giuseppe LA SPADA, Walter LAPINI, Serge LATOUCHE, Roberto MANCINI, Caterina MARRONE, Pasquale MARTINO, Marina MONTESANO, Roberta MOROSINI, Antonio MUSARRA, Michela NACCI, Anna OTTANI CAVINA, Guido PADUANO, Gianfranco PASQUINO, Margherita RUBINO, Roberto RUSCONI, Gian Enrico RUSCONI , Marco SALOTTI, Matteo SANFILIPPO, Chiara SARACENO, Emanuela SCARPELLINI, Alain SCHNAPP, Giulia SISSA, Marco TARCHI, Federico TIEZZI, Alessandro TORRE, Renato TORTAROLO, Francesco TUCCARI, Laura TUNDO FERENTE, Alessandro VANOLI, Luciano VIOLANTE, Gioia ZAGANELLI.

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