DIVING - Associazione SUBASSAI


Subassai Association supports sport and Scuba Diving. We organize all level scuba courses, from beginner to instructor and also we organize dives and snorkeling in the Protected Marine Area of Portofino and at Haven’s Wreck. We leave from Genoa by boat.

Our courses could be personalized and they last just few days for tourists that are not going to stay a long time in Genoa. Scuba Certifications are international and lifetime lasting.

Our Center is in the Genoa’s International Exposition in Kennedy square: easy to be reached and with lot of car parking. On demand we offer shuttle service from the hotel to the diving center.

Possibility of English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese language courses.


Piazzale Kennedy, 1 – Genoa - Italy

Ph.. +39 010 246 59 64 - +39 010 246 59 29 Mob. +39 333 60 50 190

info@subassai.it - info@corderianazionale.it

www.corderianazionale.it  - www.subassai.it

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