Come to Genova! - Traffic Information

Genova is regularly attainable by highway, airplane, railroad, sea.

Come to Genova!

The city will welcome you, as usual: beautiful, hospitable, unique!


Getting here by car:

If you reach the city from the East you will find no changes, the A12 motorway is regularly open at the Genova Nervi and Genova Est exits.

If you reach the city coming from Milan, we recommend taking the A7 motorway, taking the Genova Ovest exit and then following the instructions to the city centre.

If you reach the city from the West on the A10 motorway you exit in Genova Aeroporto and continue on the city road system.

If you are looking for general information on the city and motorway road system, please download the map attached below.

For live updates on the motorway traffic situation, please visit the website:

Live updates on traffic can be found also on Google Maps.


Getting here on a plane:

The Cristoforo Colombo Airport is regularly connected to the city centre and can be reached with public transport, by taxi or by car.

All the information and the updates on how to reach the airport are available on the dedicated page on the website.


Getting here by train:

The main Genoese train stations are Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole and they are regularly operating.

The railway service that runs along the coast from Genova Nervi to Genova Voltri will be reinforced to reduce road traffic.

For more information on railway traffic, please visit the Trenitalia website


Leaving from or arriving at the Port of Genoa:

Please follow the instructions for the railway and motorway traffic.


More information

For information on public transport, on the changes and reinforcements related to the AMT Genova lines and service please visit the company website.

The Navebus service connects the Porto Antico to Genova Pegli and has been reinforced: please consult the timetable.


Local traffic information

For updates on highway traffic:

For information on rail traffic:

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