Enjoy the sea breezes while you walk through villages and parks

Boccadasse, Nervi and Pegli: fishing villages just a stone’s throw from the city centre

Genoa is a sequence of precious treasures and peaceful corners a few minutes from the centre. Quiet oasis where time seems to stand still, easily reachable by bus, train, boat, or  if you prefer by bike!

Suggestive fishing villages, marinas, beaches, promenades and terrace views  overlooking the sea and serveral parks  will make your stay in town a unique experience.

Boccadasse nestled between pastel houses and boat by the small pebble beach, Nervi dominated by the enchanting seafront promenade, Vernazzola, Quinto, Quarto and then Pegli, the small pearl on the close western Riviera, with the Park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini. Magic places that smells of saltiness and inspire to relaxing moments, all year round.

During the summer season public and private beaches inspire you to a dive or a sunbath. Mild and pleasant  temperatures throughout the year will offer you the emotion of a walking, an appetizer by the sea or a romantic dinner with amazing overview. Should you taste the authentic Genoese cuisine, there is  a wide range of bars, local “osterie” (tavern) and exclusive restaurants setting by the sea or in the historical centre.

A sunny break at the beach to live during your stay  before or after a visit to the museums, to the noble palaces or the narrow streets of the medieval historical centre, the biggest in Europe!


Tickets for tourist services to live and discover the city can be purchased online or at IAT Tourist Offices.




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