Visit Genoa, the city of Genoa’s promotion portal, was designed and developed with the aim of complying as closely as possible to the principles dictated by Law 4/2004 and subsequent updates, the so-called Stanca Law, containing "Provisions to promote access for disabled people through IT tools".

In particular, the city of Genoa’s promotion portal and its pages were created in compliance with HTML 5 specifications. Compliance with these specifications is still under verification and alignment.

Respecting the correct contrast and the correct difference in brightness regarding the information content and the background (in the absence of indications in the aforementioned 22 requirements) has been verified via the use of a free tool available on the net: the colour wheel.

The main objective of these undertakings is to meet the needs of as many users as possible, while making sure that each user can easily access the information contained within the city of Genoa’s promotion portal, in compliance with the principle of equality pursuant to Article 3 of the Constitution.