• Audio Guide für die Altstadt

  • Rolli Days, October 2019: streets and palaces to live

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Discovering the Carmine district

  • Genoa walking tour

  • Rolli-Tour

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour in the Museums of Strada Nuova

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour at Villa del Principe

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Medieval Genoa

  • Guided Tour through tradition and taste - itinerary no. 4

  • Il quartiere di Prè - Visita guidata

  • Guided tour through tradition and taste - Special Edition

  • Vertical Genoa - from Carmine Neighbourhood to De Albertis Castle

  • Medieval Genoa – Guided Tour

  • Vertical Genoa: from Spianata Castelletto to Carmine neighbourhood

  • Schnitzeljagd für Familien in der Altstadt

  • Card 24 Stunden

  • Card 48 Stunden

  • Jahreskarte

  • Jahreskarte Studenten

  • Genoa and the spirit of Christmas - Guided tour in the historic centre, between nativity scenes, curiosities and traditions

  • Nativity scene in Genoa - Guided Tour

  • Prodotto test

  • Scopri Genova tra Arte, Sapori e Tradizioni

  • Genova e il Jeans - Visita Guidata

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