"Studenti Cicerone": Student Welcome Service

Within the framework of the Department of Culture and Tourism and in collaboration with the Firpo Technical Institute for Tourism, a project has been launched called "Studenti Cicerone", or 'Student Tour Guides'. The project involves Firpo Institute students acting as tour guides for their fellow students, sharing a slice of our culture and traditions with them and offering a welcome and assistance service, while making the most of the opportunity to gain authentic, first-hand experience of the world of tourism, which many of them aspire to work in one day.

Genoa is not easy to understand in a single day; so with the help of these special guides, students and school groups are given the chance to explore its maze of narrow streets (the famous carruggi), where all sorts of things can be found: from folklore to shop windows full of old, used items, from a wide variety of ethnic groups and cuisines to cutting-edge shops, all amid the colours, smells and sounds of an ancient city on the sea. And of course, countless artistic treasures that your tour guides will help you discover!

Towards the end of the school year, the project will be guaranteed, where compatible with the students' school commitments.

To book a welcome service with "Studenti Cicerone" please contact the Firpo Buonarroti Institute at geis00700l@istruzione.it – F.A.O. teachers Daria Galeotti - Maurizio Villa.

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