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#clickme!! - The photographic portrait from the daguerreotype to the selfie

From 10.04.2020 (Весь день) to 01.09.2020 (Весь день)
Palazzo Ducale
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From April 10th to September 1st, 2020, the Palazzo Ducale of Genoa hosts "#clickme!!", an exhibition with 130 original artworks which wants to tell about the evolution, developments and changes of photography, an art that never stop being renewed. The exhibition's path is made in a chronological and interactive way: it starts from the first daguerreotypes and the Nadar's atelier and goes through the social value of the portrait and obviously of photograpy. Moreover, the exhibit underlines the actual way of making photography and the authors which have worked to this, like Robert Capa and Cartier-Bresson to mention a few.

The exhibit pays particular attention to some pictures which have become actual icons, such as the artworks by Steve McCurry, Oliviero Toscani and Eric Salomon. At the end of the path, visitors go thorugh the history of selfies from the 2000s.

The whole path is enriched by interactive spaces, where visitors can participate firsthand, by shooting a photo using a 19th century instrument or by taking part to the professional contest dedicated to selfies. That is all linked to the most famous photography platform of these days: Instagram.

All the infos on the website of Palazzo Ducale

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